Student’s name: Mireia Ferrandis Pradas

Title of the paper: Aldous Huxley; Brave New World

Author: Aldous Huxley

Abstract or summary:


My work will be based on the fascinating author Aldous Huxley and his most important novel "Brave New World". When I first read this book, I was summoned by the wisdom and the prophetic capacity of this writer, by the way he had determined every aspect in the novel so that it all fit into a surprising logic and sense. This way, I felt encouraged to search the details of the author’s life, and how could his personal experiences have influenced in his work.

My intention with this work is to offer a complete view of Aldous Huxley’s life. This means analysing his personal life and also the historical background, which influenced a lot of other European writers of that epoch (Brecht, Sartre...).

I will then analyse his complete work, explaining his most important books and focusing all my attention in "Brave New World", trying to bring up the most important and transcendent themes of the book, such as religion, science, feelings and our future.

"Brave New World" is a book in which the author denunciates the problems of society and all the individuals that integrate it. The author pretends to show us how dehumanizing life will be in a not so far future. It is a book which leads as readers to a reflection about science and its consequences in the view that we have of our lives.

The Observer and The Times among others praised this book already when it appeared. This is an example of some of these extracts:

Observer: "A brilliant tour de force, Brave New World may be read as a grave warning of the pitfalls that await uncontrolled scientific advance.(...) The book is one of the most urgent appeals for a reconciliation of science with religion that our age has known."

The importance of the book is to be observed in the way it influenced not only the common reader but also other writers, other novels and even other aspects of cultural life, such as cinema.


Auto – evaluation:

I don’t know if I’ll be able to evaluate my own work, so I leave this task for you. Anyway, I’ll try to do my work about Huxley the best that I can, and I’ll also try to learn while I work on it. I really hope the results of my work in a personal area (learning) and in the academic area (my mark) are satisfactory.



Academic year 1999/2000

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13. December 1999

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