Narrativa en lengua Inglesa II
        Student´s name: Alicia Gomez Boyle
        Title of the paper: The Time Machine as an example of science fiction novels.
        Author or topic: H.G. Wells
        Abstract or summary of the research in not more than 100 to max.150 word

    My research will consist on knowing  the best science fiction writter in English languaje, in this case H.G. Wells. I am going to focus my atention on three aspects: The first one science fiction; not only as an external point of view but  under his own interpretation based in The time Machine,  as well as other interpretations such as Virginia Woolf 's and  finally a critical essays about his novel. The second target of this work will be the filmography which emerges from his works and the help of two partners (At Least) we will  try to know as much as possible of from every aspect about The Time Machine.In the third point  I will include all the information which I consider relevant about him (bibliography, his life, his relationship with his times and so forth.)


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