The Planning Team was one of the groups that were created in the course, together with Archive, Production and Secretary. The main goal of the group was that of planning and organizing the classes, the oral presentations, the handing of papers, etc., so as to use the appropriate tools to accomplish its function and to help the other students and interact with the rest of groups

            The Planning Team also had to take two papers; the first one was named “Characterization in Shakespearean Comedies”, in which we talked about the main features of Shakespearean comedies, that is, its stereotypes, comic elements, dressing, etc. The second paper was an extension of the first one, including the main features we had found in the different individual papers we all had to do as well.

            The Planning Team also fulfilled two oral presentations, in which we tried to organize a performance based on the written papers we made.

The members of the Planning Team are:

Alberto Ayala Ruiz                                Ay şe Ayano ğlu

Ana Isabel Bordas del Prado                Raquel Cabrales Morant

Eduardo Cantero Laserna                     Alfredo Carbonell Rico

Óscar Clares Arrimada                         Ipek Onur