A continuación podeis observar cómo, depués de encontrar la dirección de correo electrónico de Michael Joyce, me puse en contacto con él  y le pedí que me facilitase mucha más información acerca de él y de sus trabajos. Sorprendentemente, me contestó muy poco tiempo después y me mostró muchas URLs muy aprovechosas, y gracias a su ayuda, empecé a tener una idea de como empezar a hacer esta página web.

De: Ana Maria Pardillos <ana_xativa17@hotmail.com>
Enviado el:  miércoles, 28 de abril de 2004 13: 30
Para:   Michael Joyce <mijoyce@vassar.edu>
Asunto:  about your work

            Hello, my name is Ana Maria Pardillos Murillo. I'm a student of English philology. I
study at the university of Valencia (Spain). One of my subjects for this year is
hypertexts. Our work is about a hypertext author. I've chosen your work,
specially the hypertext "Reach". This is a hard work because I must study
your whole hypertext work, and create an URL about it.

            I would be really thankfull if you could help me with this sending me any
information about yourself and your hypertext books.


Ana Maria Pardillos Murillo

De:  Michael Joyce <mijoyce@vassar.edu>
Enviado el:  miércoles, 28 de abril de 2004 13:59:46
Para:  Ana Maria Pardillos <ana_xativa17@hotmail.com>
Asunto:  Re: about your work

Dear Ana Maria Pardillos Murillo,

                Thank you for your very kind note and your interest in my work.  As far as I know, there has been little written directly about "Reach" and so I am grateful for your attention to that fiction. Some years ago, another student at Valencia, Pedro Lozano Bertomeu , wrote with similar requests regarding "On the Birthday of the Stranger" and therefore I assume you have seen his work already, viz. http://mural.uv.es/~pelober/intro.html . I also assume you are aware of Susana Pajares Tosca's site Hipertulia which she describes as "na página dedicada al hipertexto y a la hiperficción que quiere cubrir parcialmente el vacío que existe en castellano sobre estos asuntos," http://www.ucm.es/info/especulo/hipertul/bienven.htm

                I want to respond to your  questions in a way that you find useful to your purposes but wonder whether it might not be more economical to first provide you with some links to previous interviews where I discuss my hypertexts and other work. My most recent interview accompanied a review/essay regarding my recent print novel Liam's Going and was published by the  trAce Online Writing Centre at The Nottingham Trent University,  http://trace.ntu.ac.uk/Review/index.cfm?article=33

                A review of that same novel in the electronic book review (ebr) by Dave Ciccoricco to my mind considers many of the issues I addressed in 'Reach"

                Ciccoricco has also written reviews of my hypertext "Twilight, a Symphony"

                and  an essay about my retreat from the web,
http://www.electronicbookreview.com/v3/servlet/ebr?command=view_essay&essay_id=ciccotrope both in ebr.

                There is an interview with me on the publisher's site for Moral tales and Meditations

                As for the web interviews a wide-ranging interview from 2001 with Jan-Hendrik Bakker, "Hypertext and the human factor. Narrativity after modernism. A conversation with Michael Joyce." is at  Centrum voor Filosofie & Kunst, Erasmus University of Rotterdam, <http://www.eur.nl/fw/cfk/kunsten/hypertext.shtml>

                I am also fond of the conversation in "One on One with Camille Renshaw," Pif Magazine 2000,

                Two other earlier interviews of interest are:

Digital Culture, Interview with Ralph Lombreglia, Atlantic UnBound 1996.

"Hypertextual Berlin," by David Hudson,ReWired September 8th, 1997 http://www.rewired.com/97/0908.html

                If you are not sick of me by the time you've read these interviews and/or still have questions, let me know.

                Finally, regarding "Reach" you may be interested in  work I have begun in this past year with a young  Los Angeles visual artist, Alexandra Grant in creating a series of collaborative text-image artworks. Our collaboration began after Alexandra took part in a  group  show at Solway Jones Gallery in Los Angeles called "Mind's Eye," where-- after Googling the word "domesticity"-- she came up with a text from "Reach,"  published by The Iowa Review Online, and wrote to ask me if she could use it. A detail of that drawing  (which of course gives little sense of the ten foot by four foot scale)  is  at
http://artscenecal.com/ArticlesFile/Archive/Articles2003/Articles1103/PaintingsByLettersA.html  .

Best wishes for your project


De: Ana Maria Pardillos <ana_xativa17@hotmail.com>
Enviado el:  viernes, 30 de abril de 2004 13:12
Para:   Michael Joyce <mijoyce@vassar.edu>
Asunto:  Thank you very much

Dear Michael Joyce,

Thank you so very much

                Let me introduce myself. As you know my name is Ana Maria Pardillos Murillo and this is my first year as a university student. I am from Xativa, a town near of Valencia and I am studying English in Valencia. I am nineteen years old.

                I admit I was a bit worried about this work, because I have not got internet at home, thus every time I have navigated in internet to look for information about you, I have felt confused and a bit lost because I haven´t found so much about you, and most of the pages I found always took me to eastage page.

                You were right when you mentioned me Pedro Lozano´s work. In fact, I have read it and it has helped me a little. I think his work is quite good.
Personally, I do not know how I am going to do my project. Mainly I have to talk about "Reach" and of course, a little about you. But I would like to mention more things about your works, others hypertexts and your print novels. I think I will write something about the interviews you have showed me. An If you want and If you do not wonder, I would like to interview you, but I am not sure. It depends on the information I get. I think I will read everything I have about you, and also, I will analyse "Reach" this weekend.
                 Next week I will inform you about everything I do not understand, and how I will do my project.

Thanks a million. I hope it isn´t too much bother.

Have a nice weekend


Michael Joyce
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