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Project Summary
After a research in the echolocation field, there are some things that should be considered to build an hypothetical device to improve the
accessibility for visual impaired users who want to access to the physical environment.
They can be summarized basically in:
-The user should have the control of the device (emitted sounds) to be able to take decisions.
-The user should receive the information from the environment in response of the sent information.
-The user should use alternative perception ways to the auditory one, to interact with the device.
using this information, the first approach design should consider the following options:
-The user controls the device by the position of the fingers. (virtual reality glove)
-The user receives the information from environment by haptic (tactile) sense. (Across the most innervated area of the hand, the fingertips)
-Considering this assumptions and using the existing electronic components nowadays, we should try to bring to the potential users a device with
this features.
The project is named as Echolocation Bionic System for Blind People.
-Bionic System= system who mimics the nature.
-Echolocation = Locate objects in the space by the echo produced by sound calls (acoustic radiation).
-for Blind People = the target user shows the way to follow in the device's development.
You can find the original project (in Spanish):
We are "looking" for any kind of help.
My E-mail Contact is eferemail@gmail.com
The blind people usually don't like to be treated as a different people, for this reason the project could be expressed as a universal design
project. (not only for blind people, also for non blind)
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