Mary W. Shelley:
'Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus'


Here you will find some information about M. Shelley's life and influences, focusing on the poet Percy B. Shelley and his friend Lord Byron. Have they conditioned the developement of the book? To what extent can we explain the novel by understanding the writer's experiencies? Could we be terribly mislead by relying on such a comfortable method of explanation?


Student: Juan Javier Herraiz Pujante

4879 English Literature II :

Index/ Life/ 1797 to 1816/ 1817 to 1824/ 1825 to 1835/ 1836 to Posthumous/ Summer of 1816/ The Monster's Creation/ M. W. and P.B. Shelley on-line (bio)/ Cool links/ First Paper

      Academic year 1998/1999
28. Mayo. 1999
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