To me, the noon quilt is a very good communication surface. People from various countries, of different ages, professions and with different views on life are given the chance to share other peoples' daydreams, thoughts, feelings and descriptions of their environment.
The contents of the stories form strong contrasts. Jumping from one story to another and understand this little moment of  another person's life  leaves an impression on the reader. It might even make people think about their own way of living.
There is a lot of beauty both in the idea of the project and the design of the web site. I like the combination of soft colours and the images are very well chosen.
I did enjoy working with these hypertexts and regret only having found the page recently, because I intented to contribute a noon story to the quilt. Teri Hoskin, one of the designers of the site wrote me in an e-mail that the quilt had already been closed for new entries in 1998, yet there are still many queries coming in from people who wish to get their story published. According to Teri, there will be a new trAce - project coming up soon. It will be similar to the noon quilt, asking for small submissions.
Information about new projects can be found on the trAce homepage. Since 1999, there is also a book available on the internet, which contains all the site entries of the noon quilt.

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