Second Paper

Subject: #14214 Narrativa Anglesa des del S.XVIII Gr.C

Student's name: Tortosa Nieto, Laura

Title of the paper:Analysis of Make me a Jewish Man

Author: Rapoport, Sonya (1923)


Abstract: I have chosen the hypertext Make me a Jewish Man, written by Sonya Rapoport in 1999. Sonya Rapoport is a multi-media artist and pioneer in computer based art. Combining ancient myths with modern technological sophistication, Rapoport will trace the evolution of her artwork through the past four decades, starting from her abstract expressionist paintings of the 60’s to net art. In Make me a Jewish Man we can observe an interweaving of the morphology of the olive tree with the Talmudic concept of the Ideal Man. It suggests an alternative masculinity. I am going to analyse this hypertext from the temporary point of view. I have also included an introduction and the author’s point of view of the hypertext. To sum up, I have written a personal opinion.

Auto-evaluation: I have spent so much time doing this paper as the reading requires a lot of attention. Then, I have been searching for information about the author to complement my paper. I think I deserve at least, a 7.

Academic year 2008/2009
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