Judy Malloy

Electronic narrative pioneer Judy Malloy has been working with information art and experimental book forms since 1977. Her very first works had picturesamd text in index cards of 3x5 or electronic boooks that could be readed presing buttons. Her work has been shown and published internationally.

She has been working online since 1986 when she produced "Bad Information", a satire on the importance of computer mediated information in our society, and "Uncle Roger", a hyperfiction about Silicon Valley. Her hypernarratives, published by Eastgate Systems , have been widely reviewed and are taught in many university classes. They include "Its name was Penelope", "Forward Anywhere" (with Cathy Marshall ) and "Love0ne". "The Roar of Destiny Emanated >From the Refrigerator" was featured in the Boston CyberArts Festival and on the National Endowment for the Arts website .

She was the coordinating editor of " fineArt forum " and "Leonardo Electronic News "; the founder of the ARTS Conference on the WELL , and co-founder of the Interactive Arts Conference on Arts Wire . Malloy was the first artist in residence at Xerox PARC .

She is the network coordinator for Arts Wire   and the editor of "Arts Wire Current ". She is also a Leonardo International co-editor and the editor of "Women in New Media"

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Interview with Judy Malloy