Student’s name: Susana Noblejas Granero.

Title of the paper: Ivanhoe, a historical Novel.

Author or Topic: Sir Walter Scott.

Abstract or summary of the research paper:

As you can deduce from the Title, my research Paper is going to deal with Sir Walter Scott and one of his most famous historical novels, Ivanhoe. He is the precursor of a new genre "The historical novel" which he will be setting up through all his novels. But he is also under the influence of his literary period The Romanticism. Some relevant aspects will help us to understand the importance of this Scottish writer, poet and novelist, and his works. Therefore his literary, cultural and historical context are valuable starting points for a complete analysis of the author and his novel.






Academic year 1999/2000

Ó a.r.e.a/ Dr. Vicente Forés López.

Ó Susana Noblejas Granero.

Universitat de Valčncia Press

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