Subject : 14711 - Hipertextos y Literatura - Grupo B
Student´s name : Martinez Fernández, Elena
Title of the paper : "Chicken soup for your corporate ass"
Author or topic : Wyman, Ruth and Gillespie, William
Abstract :I would like to analyse this hypertext according to five main aspects: time, space, style, my personal opinion and a brief conclusion of the ideas suggested in my introduction.This text has also been exposed by two students, whose names are: juanavi and jealmon.
Auto-evaluation:I have founded  the  realization of this paper quite interesting, though ihave had some problems related to its composition given the fact that I had never worked as an internet user to this extent. Nevertheless I consider it has been a positive way of becoming aware of the infinite posibilities of the web as a mean of communication.The hardest problem has been the briefness of the hypertext chosen; this has limited the length and profoundity of this study. In spite of this trou ble, I honestly reckon it is worth the expentancies of this subject.
Academic year 2001/2002
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©Elena Martínez Fernandez
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