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A Python-based interactive program to learn the basics of Aperture Synthesis.

Last (development) version at Launchpad


NEW: IMPRS Blackboard Lectures 2011 (Statistical Methods and Data Analysis) Links to the videocasts of my lectures and to all the Python scripts used in the explanations.


Why VLBI? In this short movie, I try to explain the origin of the main problem we have in Radioastronomy (spatial resolution) and how the VLBI technique allows us to overcome the problem, obtaining even much better resolutions than those achieved in optical Astronomy. This movie has been generated using only tools with the GPL licence (General Public Licence). Hence, the same licence applies to the movie itself. Enjoy it!


The AB-Doradus system.A simulation of the real orbit in the stellar system formed by AB-Doradus A and its young very-low-mass companion, AB-Doradus C. The orbital parameters are taken from Guirado et al. 2006 (A&A, 446, 733) and are based on VLBI astrometry of the reflex motion of AB Doradus A. Of course, the animation is not in real time (the estimated period is around 11 years!). The GPL also applies to this movie.


The expansion of SN1993J. Movie of the expanding shock of supernova SN1993J in galaxy M81. This animation has been generated using real VLBI data of the radio emission from the supernova (see Martí-Vidal et al. 2011, A&A, 526A, 142), so you will see the shock expansion just as it was, around 11 million years ago.


KinetiK. A universe in your PC. This program was written by me in Visual Basic many years ago. It was a very hard task to finish it! There are hundreds of pages of 'Physics code' in the heart of this program!... But... oh, well,... uh, I must recognise that there is something not so good in the software package: the help file. I wrote it in a too fast way, in order to present the software in the contest 'Physics On Stage 2002'. At the end, I did not get the prize, being only finalist :-(. Eventhough the help file is not quite good, once the operation of the program is understood, the user will realize that the possibilities of KinetiK are just amazing. In this link, you will find a few images about some representative examples of what can be done with KinetiK.


VLBI with sound. Here you have some mysteries on the Very-Long-Baseline-Interferometry (VLBI) technique acoustically revealed. This a PDF poster with a short description of the correlation process in VLBI, which has been applied to sound signals, recorded and digitized using normal PC soundcards.

Iván Martí Vidal

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