Student´s  name: Juan Javier Herraiz Pujante

Title of the paper: The Fading Boundaries between a Philosophical and a Political interpretation of 'The Lord of the Flies'

Author or topic: William Golding
Abstract: My essay will focuse on outlining the simplicity of different interpretations of the book. It will try to provide an approaching to several viewpoints which could be considered as different but complementary sources to achieve a better understanding of the novel. The depicting of the characters and the simbology of the novel will be examined from several points of view, always taking into account the weakeness or the strength of each one. I will not try to give any cler answer to the questions proposed in the story: I would rather try to give the right questions and to enhance a wider analysis.

Auto-evaluation: 10
Academic year 1998/1999
12.Marzo 1999
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