New Critics

    The New Critics were a group of American critics (not a formal school), southern university critics, concretely, that flourished after the First World War, from 1930 to 1960´s. They developed an approach to literature and its main principle was to avoid impressionistic criticism, also they tried to systematize the study of literature to study the text itself.The best known theorists are the following:

                    Mikhail Bakhtin                                  Ivan Illch

                    Roland Barthes                                   Julia Kristeva

                     Jean Baudrillard                                  Jacques Lacan

                     Judith Butler                                      Georg Luckács

                     Noam Chomsky                                 Jean-Francois Lyotard

                     Helene Cixous                                    Karl Marx

                     Guy Debord                                       Grant McCracken

                     Delenze and Guattari                           Friederich Nietzsche

                     Jacques Derrida                                  Walter J. Ong

                     Umberto Eco                                      Camille Paglia

                   William Empson                                   Mark Poster

                     Michel Foucault                                   Ransom

                     Sigmund Freud                                     Howard Rheingold

                     Jürgen Habermas                                  B. Ruby Rich

                     Stuart Hall                                            Edward Said

                     Donna Haraway                                    Jean Paul Sartre

                     Martin Heidegger                                  Slavoj Zizek

                     David Hume