Subject:   14159 – Curso Monográfico Literatura Inglesa – Grupo B


Student´s name:   Raquel Cabrales Morant

Title of the paper:   “Shakespeare through performance.”

Author:   William Shakespeare

Abstract:  Students from this course on English Literature have read, studied and analysed five Shakespearean comedies throughout this first semester. In order to assess their learning, students have been required to hand in four essays (two individual papers + two collective papers), to give oral presentations about these four papers, to take two reading exams and to attend lessons regularly. Regarding the papers I have done, the subject matter of my first collective paper is “Characterization in Shakespearean Comedies” whereas the second collective paper entitled “Characterization in Shakespearean Comedies & its application” is an enlargement and an improved version of the first one. As far as the individual papers are concerned, the first one deals with “The character of Gremio in The Taming of the Shrew whereas the second one entitled “Who is going to be my husband? To obey or not to obey?” deals with the topic of obedience and disobedience in relation to marriage in women characters.

Auto-evaluation:   Taking into account the great effort that I have made to create this website, the fact that all the papers have been evaluated positively, the attendance at every single lesson (without exception), the results of the reading exams, the interest shown in presenting the papers in a creative and original way, the great commitment to the subject and the time dedicated to it, I am strongly tempted to say that I should get a well-deserved SOBRESALIENTE (10).




Academic year 2006/2007
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