Lewis Carroll's Puzzles



Dreaming of apples on a wall,
And dreaming often dear,
I dreamed, that if I counted all,
How many would appear?

blue, glue, glut, gout, pout, port, part, pant, pint, pink.


Change 'BLUE' to 'PINK' in 8 links:





A monument - men all agree-
Am I in all sincerity,
Half cat, half hindrance made,
If head and tail removed should be,
Then most of all you strengthen me;
Replace my head, the stand you see
On which my tail is laid.

As the monkey climbs, so will the weight rise at exactly the same rate as they are partners in every move

A weightless and perfectly flexible rope is hung over a weightless, frictionless pulley attached to the roof of a building. At one end of the rope is a weight which exactly counterbalances a monkey at the other end. If the monkey begins to climb, what will happen to the weight?


Yvan (navy spelled backwards)

A Russian had three sons. The first, named Rab, became a lawyer. The second, Ymra, became a soldier. The third became a sailor. What was his name?



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