In this section I am going to treat the time analysis of Stuart Moulthrop's work "Hegirascope". In the first place I am going to comment the time of reading that I have used to read all the hypertext. Hegirascope is a very extensive poetic work, formed on 170 pages and also formed by about 700 links. In each one of the pages you will find several links, about four, which will take you to other pages with texts that develop ideas or concepts in relation with the subject that is treating.     

    In order to be able to read this hypertext you need many hours reading, since the work is very long, that presents many diverse subjects developed in diverse stories, but this does not mean that the work is boring or heavy, all the opposite, is very interesting. It is for this reason that I have been several hours to be able to read not only the main pages of the hypertext, also crossing all abundant and different links. 

    To part of the extension of the work a small difficulty is added, each page only remains static about 30 seconds and momentarily it spends to another one without sometimes giving time to finish reading this page. This can be a small problem at the time of reading the work, for that reason you must be a little patient but to try give you haste to read the page.

    We are now going to treat more general aspects on the work. In Hegirascope we cannot specify the time in which it deals with the subject the work, by several reasons: 

    It is evident that the subjects that it treat are present and modern like that I have named and therefore we would be speaking of a time based on the present, as they are the subject of the television, the drugs (present great problem in our days)... 

    Another question to treat in the time analysis is the temporary duration in which the work passes, that is to say, in whichever days passes. But this subject is very difficult to define in Hegirascope, it treats as I have said previously, varied subjects in each page, it treats a subject and it leaves it so on and, for that reason it is impossible to know as soon as time passes the work, it is as if it was formed by several parts or stories, because it does not have a clear narrative thread.

    With respect to the temporary aspect the work of Stuart Moulthop I can say that first was published in 1995-1997, the version of this Time-based Web fiction was published in the now defunct World3, to revised version appeared in New River

    Really, we finished observing the time analysis of the work and in conclusion and within this section we can say that it has been a difficult work to read by its extension and its quickly when changing the pages and when it not following a clear narrative line in the trajectory with respect to the subjects.


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