In conclusion I can tell about Hegirascope 1995 a Stuart Moulhrop's work , that it's a fiction hypertext, it occupied a passive position with reference to story events, nevertheless it subject to a novel form of interactive suspense in a struggle for supremacy on the discourse level, it's formed by a lot of pages, about 170, they change automatically every 25-30 seconds and they obtain different and abundant links where they lead to others information related with the story. Each page has a very showy bottom that contrasts with the letters of the text and the title.

    The subjects that this work deal is very abundant, all are quite interesting although this work has not been able to escape of you criticise them of some journalists.
Coverall it has been criticised by the rapidity whereupon the pages pass of ones to others only in 20-25 seconds, and also because it does not follow a line of reading, because it treats many different subjects in each page. 

    In conclusion Hegirascope has really been a very interesting work and very entertained, I personally recommend it everybody.


Stuart Moulthrop
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