In this section I am going to give my opinion on the work which I have treated during this course, Hegirascope (of Stuart Moultrop 's work) , is to say, I am going to give my point of view on the work.

    Hegirascope as I have said previously in other sections, it is a extensive poetic work, it has about 170 pages that they change automatically every 25 or 30 seconds and they obtain different and abundant links where they lead to others information related with the story.
    This it is the first hypertext that I have read and I had never imagined that it could be so imaginative, using so many different colours, either that it could use those initial phrases as if they were flashes this causes that it is very original.
    I also didn't know that the pages could pass of ones and others in only about 20 seconds, I imagined that the reader had to pass them one to one.

    One of the things that I have more liked of the hypertext which I have treated has been its modernity, coverall their different colours that have been used, the bottoms of the pages make a great contrast with the colour used in the letters. The pages thanks to the different colours are very showy to attract the attention of the reader and to make the reading more pleasant, each one has its own title. Also it is necessary to say that sometimes the colours are repeated in different texts.
    Coverall it has enchanted me as the work is structured, treating different subjects, on the visions, the loss of the faith, the television...
    I did not know about the existence of links, which puncturing on them leads you to other sites of the work or the Web. We can see in each one of the pages, which they have short texts, on about four links, which takes you to others related with you were reading in the main page which also they have links.
    Although I must admit that for me to read the work it hasn't been easy, by its extension in pages as in links, like by the rapidity with which they passed the pages, it has been difficult for me and with several hours of reading.  
    The work had been less expensive if the work had treated only a subject or only one story, but treating so varied themes and so numerous you cannot follow a narrative trajectory.
    I am very happy with this work that I have chosen to comment during the course because in spite of everything it has been very interesting, it has been extensive but entertained and I believe that it has been a very positive experience for my.
    It is by that I recommend Hegirascope to everybody so that they read it when they have a free time.


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