After so much reading and investigating I thought I would never get to this point. The most important thing to be said  here is that  I  am glad I learned what a hypertext is, I am glad I learned how to make a web page and even if it's been a real pain in the ...neck I enjoyed every minute of it. I am absolutely aware that my work is far from being exhaustive, there are so many things left to be said, maybe if I had more time or maybe if I knew more about computers I could have done a better job.
Even if "Cutting Edges"  is a hyperfiction with the length of a novel, I liked the topic from the very beginning. I like it when people make use of their talent to defend causes or to persecute injustice. At least Ruth Nestvold showed that she cares by writing this hyperfiction, she cares about  rape and sexual abuse, racism and sexual discrimination and most of all she proved that she cares about her gender: women

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