"Cutting Edges" or "A Web of Women" written by Ruth Nestvold is a hyperfiction with the length of a novel first published on disk in a DOS version in 1995. Today it is available online in an html version.

In February 2000 it was invited to participate in the Virtual Progressive Dinner Party along with another 39 hyperfiction works by women writers who brought their contribution to the hypertext world.

Hypertexts like "Cutting Edges" are texts which are not sequential but organized in such a way so that the reader himself might discover the action of the story; they are interactive programs made to allow the reader to move instantly from one page or document to another by accessing the respective links.

Ruth likes to travel around the world and in her free time she writes science fiction works like "Looking through Lace" or "Latency time", both published in "Asimov's Science Fiction", "Shadow Memory" published in "Marsdust" and a free story called "The thirteenth year".
Her fantasy works include "King Orfeigh", "A Serca Tale" published in January 2003 and "Princes and Priscilla" published in 2002.
Her hyperfiction works include "Cutting Edges: Or, A Web of Women" and "Joe's Heartbeat in Budapest".
Actually  Ruth  is working on a retelling of the Tristan and Isolde tale.

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