"There is no man who would not be flattered if a woman reacted to his sexuality. Hatred towards women is   nothing else but hatred towards one's own still unconquered sexuality" ( Otto Weininger).

Although the most common rape situations involve a man raping a woman or a man raping another man, both women and men can be  victims of rape and both women and men can commit rape. Although each state defines crimes like "rape" and "sexual assault" differently, generally speaking sexual assault is any unwanted sexual contact.
The 20th century is full of examples of societies which have been taken over by ideas which now seem like collective madness but, in my opinion, the so called "war between the sexes" is one of the most relevant examples. Apparently our society still believes in sex-role theory according to which men are aggressive, rational and dominant while women are passive and subjective and thus complementing each other in a balanced way. Society nowadays defines masculinity by physical strength, exclusive heterosexuality, suppression of emotions, like crying for example, economic independence, authority over other persons (women included)
Men. They get better pay, more job opportunities and more respect because they are men. And they always have the last word.


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