Since early times women have been uniquely seen as a source of human life. From the historical and mythological point of view they have been considered inferior to men and even a source of evil temptation. Let's take for example Pandora from the Greek mythology who opened the box and brought plagues and unhappiness to mankind. The Roman conviction was that women were clearly inferior to men. Religion also speaks of women as the life-partner of men but whose unique role is in conception! In India, Hinduism obliged women to complete obedience towards men and this conception went so far that they had to walk behind their husbands.
But when complete freedom was givem to women they made significant achievements. Women in the United States in the 19th century organized and participated in many protestant movements to improve education, to ban alcoholic drinks etc. Many drunken husbands pulled their families into misery and many of them actually raped their wives and beat them to death.
There were times when men didn't like their women to work and thus their only horizon became the kitchen room. And even when it comes to crimes women suffered sex discrimination: a wife who shot and killed her husband would be definitely accused of "homicide" but the killing of a wife by her husband was considerate what they call a "passion crime"
Women have always been considered the weaker sex but not only from the physical point of view, they were considered unable to perform work requiring muscular or intellectual development. That is why the domestic work was attributed to women leaving the "heavier" labour to men. Maybe that's because back then they didn't know that physiological tests today show that women have a greater tolerance for pain.
Maternity was meant to be their social role in life but today, the contraception and legalized abortions (in some areas) have given women a greater control on the number of children they want to bear. But even so the cultural pressure for women to become mothers and wives still prevents many talented women from finishing college or prepare for a career.
Society has stereotyped women into roles like the one of mother or wife but women have been fighting for equality for decades. Marriage and children are the first signs of a successful woman. More and more women are getting jobs and given high responsibilities and this doesn't mean that their role as a parent is less significant because they have successfully learned how to balance both.
Whether male or female, it is important to keep an open mind and judge people based on their physical and intellectual abilities rather than on stereotypical conceptions and by doing this we could put an end to this stupid debate of superiority concerning males and females.

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