Subjects : # 14214 Narrativa Inglesa desde el Siglo XVIII, Group C ,

 #14213 Métodos de Estudio de la Literatura Inglesa 

Student´s name : Belmar Villar, Ana

Title of the paper : A Tools’ Trip.

Author or topic : “Who is Flora?” by Travis Alber. 


Abstract :


Let’s have a trip through “Who is Flora?” tools.

I have divided my web page into two Indexes in order to make its structure similar to the hypertext “Who is Flora?”.  In the Primary Index you can find a biography of the author, Travis Alber, her own description of her hypertext “Who is Flora?” and also the original project from where the idea of this hypertext came. I’ve added my first impressions, the rules and tools I’ve followed and used to read the hypertext, an inventory of all of those tools, the structure of the hypertext from my point of view and a conclusion.

And then at the Secondary Index you can find the clues to read my web page, the structure of my Second Paper explaining why I’ve done it this way, my personal opinion of the subjects and my Blog Process of the Second Paper with links to all of my blog entries in a chronological order.


Auto-evaluation: A










Academic year 2008/2009
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